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Residential & Commercial Gardening Services To Keep Your Property Beautiful

Whatever your gardening needs are, Shelly’s Goodwill Gardening services will get it done! Whether you are looking for an indoor container accent, commercial property maintenance or a fresh garden layout for your home landscape, we create beautiful surroundings for every season.

Summertime Garden Splendor

Its Summer – are you happy with your garden? Are you looking to build a new one? Whether you are looking for a summertime spruce-up or a completely new garden design, call Shelly now at 330-808-0053 for help, a free quote, or to schedule your consultation.

Property Maintenance - Shellys Goodwill Gardening Services

………… Property Maintenance

Shelly’s Goodwill Gardening specializes in residential and commercial property maintenance. Our continued care throughout the season allows your garden to flourish, creating a complimentary background for every setting or occasion.

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Shellys Goodwill Gardening - Portage Lakes, OH 44319

Garden Planting …………

Let us help you design and create the garden of your dreams! Whether you are starting from scratch or re-designing an existing garden, we can help you with landscape design, garden plantings, shrub removal… all of it! We choose flowers complimentary to your landscape and personal preferences.

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Shellys Goodwill Gardening - Portage Lakes, OH 44319Container Gardening at Shellys Goodwill Gardening

Garden Planting with Shellys Goodwill Gardening………… Container Gardening

There’s ALWAYS space for a garden with containers… and so many ways to use them, too! Shelly’s Goodwill Gardening designs stunning container features for every season, occasion and style. Containers and planters accent your home and compliment your commercial buildings, offices and outdoor areas.

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Shellys Goodwill Gardening - Portage Lakes, OH 44319

Seasonal Garden Decor …………

Let your garden celebrate the holidays, too! Shelly’s Goodwill Gardening creates festive seasonal decor for outdoors and indoors. From festive 4th of July flags to charming Christmas containers, we’ll make your garden a celebration of nature. Our wreaths and sprays bring the outdoors in to you.

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Shellys Goodwill Gardening - Portage Lakes, OH 44319

Seasonal Garden Decor - Shellys Goodwill Gardening